What We Teach



The Poor Righteous Party of the Black Nation Teaches:



1.                  That so called African people and their family (Black, Brown, Red, and Yellow) are the aboriginal people of the Planet Earth.



2.                  That so called African people and their family (Black, Brown, Red, and Yellow) are the fathers and mothers of civilization.



3.                  That so called African people and their family (Black, Brown, Red, and Yellow) are righteous by nature as shown by historical development.



4.                  That the broad masses of dark-skinned people of the world majority are one people, the Original people, who share a common origin, a common destiny and a common enemy wherever they are at in the world.



5.                  That the intercommunal proletariat (working class) aligned with the poor peasantry Black, Brown, Red and Yellow constitute the revolutionary vanguard of all of humanity and are the advanced detachment of these Original people.



6.                  That Revolution is the principal tendency within the world today.




7.                  That if there is to be a Revolution there must be a Poor Righteous Party to lead it.



8.                  That Revolution is a dialectical process, not a conclusion, nor a fixed set of principles.



9.                  That power is the ability to define phenomena, and then make it act in a desired manner.


10.              That contradiction—the unity and conflict of opposites, the unity and diversity of matter—is the ruling and most fundamental principle of the operation of the universe.


11.              That the science of POLYMATHEMATICS (Righteous Communism) is the key to understanding the Original Man, Woman and Child’s relationship to the universe.



12.              That the science of POLYMATHEMATICS (Righteous Communism) is firmly rooted in the practice and culture of the Original Man, Woman and Child.



13.              That we are presently living in the era of Reactionary Intercommunalism (white power organized into a sovereign imperialist Empire led directly or indirectly by the U.S. imperialist ruling class) and the complete and final victory of the World Proletarian Revolution over the wicked forces of capitalism, imperialism, neo-colonialism, white nationalist revisionism and white supremacy.



14.              That the entire Planet Earth and all of its resources has been produced by the collective labor of the world’s Original people and thus the entire Planet Earth and all of its resources rightfully belong to the Original people of the Earth and must be now returned to its rightful owners.



15.              That every square inch of this Earth’s land mass, its total productive power and its modern technological capabilities should be fashioned to enable us to be self-sufficient, prosperous and civilized (lawful to our duties) as a people.



16.              That the Original Man and the Original Woman must be totally united in the act of liberation through practicing a policy of Revolutionary Equality.



17.              That socialism and communism are as old as Man, Woman, and Child, and that the first and greatest contributions to socialism, communism and revolution where made by us Original People (Black, Brown, Red and Yellow).



18.              That the universal truths of revolutionary Marxism-Leninism-Maoism applied to the concrete conditions and culture of each nation and revolution is an advanced ideology that offers the best practical weapon to wielded in the class struggle today by the oppressed and deserves to finally be corrected and perfected with the knowledge of the reality of the One True and Living God and the glorious Historical Experience of the Original people of the Earth. This great leap has been fulfilled with the rise of the science of Polymathematics.




19.              That Each one must Teach one.



20.              That our children are our link to the future and they must be nurtured, respected, loved, protected and educated by any means necessary.



21.              That the unified Black family is the vital building block of the Revolution.



22.              That there is No God but the One True and Living God, to whom alone all praise is due, whose is not a spook nor a spirit, the Master of the Day of Judgment, whose program is Peace (Submission to Correct Universal Laws) and to who belong s all the best names.



23.              That the original Asiatic Black Man, Woman and Child is God, whose proper name is ALLAH, arm, leg, leg, arm, head.



24.              That the entire edifice of known human knowledge, both secular and religious, fully confirms this single Truth, the truth that shatters all falsehood.



25.              That the final victory of the World Proletarian Revolution will be the final showing and proving of the reality of the One True and Living God, which will be the time when the whole world is liberated and united under the revolutionary socialist dictatorship of the intercommunal proletariat on the path to an ever glorious Righteous Communism.



When Teaching Man, Woman and Child:


1.  Don’t Cuss

2.   Talk Clear

3. Stick to the subject

4.Stick to Party Line

5.  Listen intensely to the masses

6.  Answer all questions

7.  Always keep the Five Jewels out in front.




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