Polymathematic University Institutions and Projects



New Born Academy

    New Born Academy is the center for the training of new comrades in the Party. The Basic and God/Earth Civilization are both under this institution. New Born Academy’s primary role is to uplift the Black man and woman to build the revolutionary party and the Black family.

The Huey P. Newton Ideological Institute

     The Huey P. Newton Ideological Institute is the reconstitution of the Ideological Institution of the Black Panther Party founded by Dr. Huey P. Newton. This institution  serves as a tool to educate black people about the various ideologies across the globe and their relation to Polymathematics.

Polymathematic University Laboratory

     PU Lab is an institution dedicated to interdisciplinary scientific study, experiment, and research for the advancement of the Black community. Projects include research in urban water systems, alternative energy, urban agriculture, and natural health.






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