Basis of Party Unity

In the Most Exalted Name of the One True and Living God Whose Program is Peace!


The Foundation and Basis of Unity

Good at No Limit of Time

A Complete Revolutionary Program for Victory and Strength in the Cause of Righteousness

And he [David] took his staff in his hand, and chose him FIVE SMOOTH STONES out of the brook, and put them in the shepherd’s bag that he had, into the pocket; and his sling was in his hand. And he drew near to the Philistine. (I Samuel 17:40)



The Five Jewels of Peace (Your Sword)

The Two Duties

First Duty (First Jewel): To Carry out Mass Work Serving the people in preparation for the revolutionary coming of the Kingdom of the Lord.

Second Duty (Second Jewel): To Engage in Power Refinement, Refinement of my Power as a Servant of the Most High God ( Thru Study, Prayer, Self-Criticism, Fasting etc.).

The Three Guides

First Guide (Third Jewel): Knowledge of the REALITY of the One True and Living God, whose Program is Peace, and Whom Alone is Worthy of Praise and Worship.

Second Guide (Fourth Jewel): Scientific Socialism (All Power to the People), for One Common Cause, the Cause of Peace.

Third Guide (Fifth Jewel): Practicing Democratic Centralism (UNITY in Thought and Action) in our Ranks (Democracy) Seeking Wisdom in the Multitude of Counsel, and (Centralism) My Word is my Bond and I shall give my life before my Word shall fail.

Its Restrictive Law (Your Shield)

First Restrictive Law: Always Be clean, civilized and dressed properly.

Second Restrictive Law: Abstain from consumption and abuse of harmful drugs, tobacco and alcohol which are POISON to your body, which is the Temple of God.

Third Restrictive Law: Eat only that which is lawful from the earth, mostly fruits and vegetables, avoidingwhite flour, white sugar, pork, seafood and processed and junk foods in general and DRINK ONE GALLON OF WATER A DAY and EXERCISE daily.

Fourth Restrictive Law: Practice abstinence (discipline) because it is so much better for you, but lawful and civilized MARRIAGE and strong, loving stable families (Man, Woman and Child) is BEST OF ALL.

Fifth Restrictive Law: Support all which is Positive and Helpful for Self, Family and Community, the revolutionary work of the righteous, by always offering a just portion of your money, your time and your labor to the cause of Freedom, Justice and Equality.

These Five Jewels, which can always be proven true at no limit of time are the birthright of all who were born righteous by nature [ His and Her original black nation ]. Whoever can take up these Five Jewels and apply them in good faith shall find Peace, Balance, Happiness, Success, Good Health, and Friendship in all walks of life and correctness (lawfulness) in all that they do.

Blessed be those . . .who believe with certainly in these Five Jewels sent down as a Gift and as a Grace from your Lord, the Most High.

After accepting these Five Jewels which has come as a verifier of everything that was with you, all the days of your life will you serve in Righteousness and Absolute Praise, Thanks and Devotion to your Lord, the One True and Living God, to whom belongs all the best names.

from the Plain Understanding of the Five Jewels of Peace and its Restrictive Law


World Revolution is the Only Solution!

Complete Submission to The One True and Living God is the Only Way . . . . . Peace


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