Mission Statement of Polymathematic University


“Specializing in Teaching the Science of Submission to the One True and Living Lord”

“Each one, Teach one”


What is Polymathematic University?


     Polymathematic University (PU) is a revolutionary center for the training and development of professional revolutionaries led by the Poor Righteous Party of the Black Nation guided by the One True and Living God, Whose Program is Peace.

     PU is an institution built on the solid foundation of the revolutionary program of the Five Jewels and Restrictive Laws and the ideology of Polymathematics. In this day and time of intense class contradictions between the world’s working classes of color and the white U.S. empire and their lackeys, the necessity for a revolutionary institution that focuses on the education and training of revolutionaries is extremely important. PU is a direct alternative to the bourgeois universities of the old world of decadent Capitalism, guiding the poor ghetto children of color into the new world of Righteous Communism (Peace.)

     PU is a university of a new type built by the Poor Righteous Party of the Black Nation, an independent black proletariat party with a working class agenda.

     PU is a university of a new type because it is an institution that is being constructed by the black working class in submission to the universal dialectical materialist Creator.



PU’s curriculum gives a unique scientific approach to revolution


    PU’s curriculum consist of lessons dealing with the various disciplines of science, philosophy, religion, mathematics, and history and their special relationship to revolution. These disciplines are studied from the viewpoint of the black working class with the goal of utilizing the information towards building a scientific socialist society. Our objective is to arm the young black, brown, yellow, and red workers with a hardcore understanding of all aspects of the universe based on our ideology of Polymathematics.

     The key role of PU is to show the black, brown, yellow, and red working class that revolution is a science. Due to the global counterrevolutionary offensive of US imperialism and white nationalist revisionism, the concept of revolution as a science has been minimized in today’s social movements. This leads to romantic conceptions of how revolution will be implemented. With the high level of repression by the white international ruling class—- the oppressed black, brown, yellow, and red masses of the world must take an objective approach to their liberation.

     The PRPBN being the vanguard of the world revolution with the most advanced ideology of Polymathematics, understands the crucial importance of giving workers of color a clear, proper objective approach to fighting for their freedom, justice, and equality.



The importance of revolutionary ideological and practical training


     In the tradition of the Ideological Institute of the Black Panther Party founded by Comrade Dr. Huey P. Newton, the ideological and practical training of the world’s working class people of color is the primary focus of PU. To be a professional revolutionary consist of having an advanced understanding of revolutionary ideology that will help guide the practical activities of revolution. PU will show revolutionaries the significance of the equilibrium between theory and practice. Students will learn how to observe all aspects of a situation objectively using the Polymathematic theory of dialectical materialism as an analytical tool, to arrive at correct strategies and tactics for the working class to win.

     PU has the most qualified educators that will give quality revolutionary education. The professors of PU are all experienced professional revolutionary activists who dedicate their blood, sweat, and tears to the struggle of the oppressed masses. All the professors of PU have not only a social duty but also a personal duty to sacrifice their talents and expertise to the revolutionary education of the world’s people.



PU slogans “Each one, teach one” and “Specializing in teaching the science of submission to the One True and Living Lord.”


      PU’s slogans are “Each one, Teach one” and “Specializing in teaching the science of submission to the One True and Living Lord.”  The slogan “Each one, Teach one” comes from the idea of the PRPBN that we are a party of Chairmen and Chairwomen. Everyone in our camp from the highest to the lowest is leaders and teachers but is also soldiers and students. This righteous communist approach helps comrades humble themselves to each other respectively recognizing the fact that we can all learn from each other. The structure of PU is based on this concept giving everyone the opportunity to become a leader in the revolution.

     Our slogan “Specializing in teaching the submission of the One True and Living Lord” comes from the PRPBN basis of unity the Five Jewels and ideology Polymathematics. Our third jewel is “Knowledge of the One True and Living Lord which is the Black man, woman, and child in His and Her highest expression.” The Black man, woman, and child are the original people of the Earth and we were created from the particles of nature.

      All phenomena on the Earth and beyond are all interconnected in multiple contradictory processes moving simultaneously combining and forming new contradictory processes. Each movement produces change towards one common goal which is peace. All these contradictions universally have a positive and negative charge. This universal materialist contradiction between positive and negative charges that’s in constant motion is “true” and “living” and is the God that we submit to. We believe the Black man and woman have the power to define phenomena and make it work in a desired manner but just like all of nature we are a part of these phenomena that’s in contradiction. We must submit to that material contradiction (God) that created us.

     PU teaches the science of submitting and uniting with the laws which govern the development of nature to better understand ourselves and our environment.  We believe this knowledge will bring harmony between human beings and the universe.



PU and its role in history


     At this period of time the formation of PU is an event in history that will help the poor workers of the world gain their freedom economically, socially, politically, culturally, and spiritually. PU’s construction is vital to the survival of the human race against the wickedness and evils of the decadent capitalist system that now pervades our entire planet. PU is an institution born out of the necessity to build a classless new world elevating to heaven, which is Righteous Communism right here on Earth.    

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